New VisualARQ price for students

The price of VisualARQ Educational Licenses has changed from US$195 to only US$95

Due to many VisualARQ student user requests and in order to make our pricing more consistent, we have decided to reduce the price of VisualARQ Educational Licenses.

This new price only applies to purchases via download.

The option to purchase a VisualARQ Educational License in a DVD box is still US$195, as it includes the SAVANNA 3D block library (US$195 value).

Check the VisualARQ price list here.

6 Responses to New VisualARQ price for students

  1. joanna long-tieu says:

    would like to purchase. is this available for download in canada?

    • Francesc Salla says:

      Hi Joanna,
      yes, VisualARQ is available through download option from Canada and anywhere. There is a VisualARQ reseller in Canada. Check the VisualARQ reseller’s list to find the reseller information.

  2. Rony De Fre says:

    is a downloaded VisualARQ a permanent license or is there a limitation in time for using the software?

    • Francesc Salla says:

      Hi Rony,
      Yes it is a permanent license. The VisualARQ license through download option has exactly the same conditions and functions as the boxed option.

  3. Dr. A. K. Kundu says:

    I am a retired staff of Queens University of Belfast still attached as Honorary Visiting Faculty.

    Can I purchase the VisualARQ boxed CD at Euro 195?

    Thanking you.

  4. Francesc Salla says:

    Hi Dr. A.K.Kundu,
    you can purchase the educational license of VisualARQ as long as you prove your educational status. Please contact your closest VisualARQ reseller to purchase VisualARQ.