VisualARQ 1.7.1 available

VisualARQ 1.7.1 blogThere is a new update release of VisualARQ 1.7.

Owners of VisualARQ are encouraged to download and install VisualARQ 1.7.1. This is a free service release for all VisualARQ users.

VisualARQ 1.7.1 fixes all known bugs. See the complete list in What’s new.

0 Responses to VisualARQ 1.7.1 available

  1. Ginsgar says:

    I’ve tried to import an image using the PictureFrame comamnd with little success. When I use this function, the image is shown as a wireframe rectangle. Only when I render the current viewport, am I able to see the image brought in via PictureFrame.