• VisualARQ at the 11th RhinoDay Italy


    11th RhinoDay Italy

    The 11th Italian User Meeting, organized by Università degli Studi di Padova - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Edile e Ambientale and sponsored by ZEN's srl, has been announced and registrations are now open.

    Apart from the live users' presentations, Francesc Salla (Asuni CAD) will show VisualARQ, Giulio Piacentino and Giuseppe Massoni (McNeel) will show the latest news on RhinoPython, Grasshopper and Rhino, among other things.

    The participation at the Rhino Day is free. To register, write to the Eng. Vittorio Carlotto.

    Program and details

  • VisualARQ at the TIC 2015 Recife

    TIC 2015

    The Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, represented by the department of Graphic Expresion and the Program of post-graduation in Urban development, organizes the TIC 2015 congress "VII ENCONTRO DE TECNOLOGIA DE INFORMAÇÃO E COMUNICAÇÃO NA CONSTRUÇÃO" from 4th to 6th November in Recife, Brasil.

    The TIC event gathers architects, researchers, developers, students and construction professionals interested in information technology and comunication with the aim to improve the design, production and managment of the city architectural projects.

    Affonso Orciuoli, VisualARQ reseller in Brasil, will host a workshop on the use of Rhino and VisualARQ for Digital Fabrication.

    Affonso is CEO of the Rede Brasileira de Fabricaçao Digital and a professor at the UIC (Escola Superior d'Arquitectura - Universitat Internacional de Catalunya) and at the IED Barcelona. He is an expert in Digital Fabrication and the official representative of RhinoFabStudio in Brasil.

    Details and registration.

  • VisualARQ at the VII Conference in Furniture Design “+ mob”

    mob exportemos event

    When: October 20-22, 2015
    VisualARQ Conference: Wednesday October 21st 2015, 7.00 am.
    VisualARQ Workshop: Thursday October 22nd, 2015. 8am-12pm. (UPB, RhinoFabStudio, Bloque 8).
    Where: Auditorio Ruta N, Medellín, Colombia

    VisualARQ will be present at the VII Conference in Furniture Design "+mob, ¿Por qué no? ¡Exportemos!", in Medellin, Colombia.

    Francesc Salla, from the AsuniCAD team, will be participating as a speaker, and will held a conference and a workshop to discuss about Techniques to prepare a BIM model for the design of interior spaces with Rhino and VisualARQ.

    +mob is an academic space where there will be discussions about topics that will encourage you to export your products and designs. In this VII edition of the Conference in Furniture Design, +mob is the result of the collaboration between entrepreneurs and the school with the partnerships from the Furniture Design industry.

    See the full program here.

    For more information please contact the Centro Tecnológico del Mobiliario.

  • Use of Interior Space for Furniture Arrangement

    Conferencia VisualARQ en UPB 600

    • Date: Monday October 19, 2015 
    • Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm 
    • Location: Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellin, Colombia. Aula #314, Bloque 9 

    The RhinoFabStudio at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana invites you to a conference about the Use of Interior Space for Furniture Arrangement.

    Francesc Salla Martínez, the VisualARQ product manager, will deliver a lecture intended primarily for architecture students. It is open to public and free of charge. Francesc will address his conference on the preparation of an architectural model for the design of an interior space with Rhino 5 and VisualARQ.

    Entrace is free but space is limited.

    This event is Organized by Rhino3D Colombia - UPB

    Register here or contact david.torreblanca@upb.edu.co for more information.

  • VisualARQ at the Design Modelling Symposium in Copenhagen

    DMSC 2015

    • Workshops - Master class: 28 and 29 September 2015
    • Conferences: 30 September - 2 October.
    • Location: CITA. Centre for Information Technology and Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Francesc Salla from Asuni CAD will attend the conferences and will be on hand to discuss VisualARQ with anyone interested. Please write to fsalla@asuni.com to contact him beforehand.

    More details and registration...

  • Free seminar of BIM architecture with VisualARQ and 3D printing

    SEMINAR ASUNI BIM  20150917.

    • Where: Cooperativa Jordi Capell. COAC Barcelona (Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Barcelona. Plaça Nova, 5. 08002 Barcelona)
    • When: Thurdsday, September 17th, 2015. From 11am to noon and from 5pm to 6pm.
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • Price: Free

    If you missed the seminar held on the last July 14th 2015, you have a new oportunity to see how to convert a BIM architectural project into a 3D printable model.

    You will see the complete process, from the creation of the building design with Rhino and VisualARQ to the preparation of the 3D model to be printed with the Felix 3D printing machine.

    The presentation will take place next Thursday September 17th at COAC Barcelona. It will last about 1 hour and it will be done in two separate sessions (11 am and 5pm).

    The seminar is free but space is limited.

    Write to informatica@jordicapell.com to register.

  • Floating architecture

    VisualARQ presents a Rhino project: Kunsthaus in Graz, Austria

    VisualARQ presents a Rhino project: Kunsthaus in Graz, Austria

    VisualARQ presents an extravagant building for contemporary art, the Kunsthaus museum that seems to float above Graz (Austria).  In this Rhino project, Crab Studio has developed an innovative architectural design and a creative use of materials. The biomorphic building is covered by almost 1.300 blue translucent Plexiglas panels. The main façade contains a BIX installation, by Realities United, that allows to project videos and messages, acting as another exhibit space.

    This remarkable building is physically linked to the one the most important old buildings of the city with a “needle”, a bridge and viewpoint, which connects traditional and contemporary architecture.
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  • BIMscript™ Hackathon 2015


    • Dates: 1-4 September 2015
    • Place: Beton Studio, 1031 Budapest Emőd u. 10 Hungary

    BIMobject® proudly presents the first BIMscript™ Hackathon event in Budapest, Hungary. Come and join us and learn to master BIMscript™ and the LENA solution for Rhino. The Hackathon will be lead by our core developers. You will have a unique occasion to learn from the masters.

    This will open up vast opportunities for you to develop your own content for most of the BIM platforms with one single script.

    There will be also an introduction of the BIM features VisualARQ adds to Rhino.

    What is LENA?

    BIMscript™ and LENA is a technology solution designed to streamline and speed up the process of BIM content creation. This delivers both an open and freely available scripting language as well as a BIM object authoring solution.

    Powerful scripting language

    BIMscript™ includes not only parametric behaviors but also calculations, product logic, level of detail (with several levels of complexity of geometry and geometry combinations) and includes a huge range of properties and attributes.

    Import mechanical CAD geometry

    LENA is an authoring app for the mechanical CAD system Rhino that will generate BIMscript™. It is a solution in which mechanical CAD geometry can be imported from most mechanical CAD systems, including industry leading products like CATIA, Solidworks, SolidEdge, IGES, NX, JT, Inventor and Pro E. Rhino is the host platform for BIMobject® LENA in which BIMscript™ is generated and works in combination with the modeling and optimization features of Rhino.

    Generate native BIM objects

    Operating in the cloud BIMscript™ generates intelligent, native BIM objects in a number of formats for the most popular BIM applications from Autodesk, Graphisoft, and Trimble -- and with the potential for more in the future. It also generates objects in commonly used formats such as IFC, 3DS, DWG and WebGL.

    Connected to BIMobject® Cloud

    BIMobject® LENA is directly connected to the BIMobject® Cloud providing a seamless workflow to publish objects. It includes a connection to the corresponding product information stored in property sets in the BIMobject Cloud.

    Scalable and intelligent

    The solution is scalable and can describe products as well as components in a very intelligent way, creating configurable objects with parametric variations and different levels of detail. BIMscript™ is a subset of the C programming language and enables smart objects to be created in BIMobject® LENA and then hosted and managed in the BIMobject® Cloud.

    Easy to use

    BIMobject® LENA requires the developer to have a commercial license of Rhino and an accreditation from BIMobject® before it is used. BIMobject® LENA is easy to use and within it all syntax controls, testing and creation of the generated BIMscript™ take place. The technology is freely available and will be enhanced continuously.

  • VisualARQ 1.9 webinar: BIM architectural software for Rhino

    Novedge webinar series

    29 July 2015Join Francesc Salla, VisualARQ Product Manager, for a fast-paced and exciting demonstration of VisualARQ 1.9.

    • Wednesday July 29th, 2015
    • 11.00 am-12.00 pm PDT / 20.00 pm-21.00 pm CEST

    The webinar will cover the BIM features VisualARQ 1.9 adds to Rhino based on the following points:

    • Work with parametric architectural objects.
    • Generate 2D plans and section drawings linked with the 3D model.
    • IFC Import & Export to exchange models between Rhino and other AEC software.
    • Overview of the VisualARQ Grasshopper Components Add-on (WIP IV version).

    The webinar is organized by Novedge, is free and will last about about 1 hour, including the Q & A session.

    Details and Registration

  • KaAdLab shows a parametric house created with VisualARQ Grasshopper Components


    In this video KaAdLab architects show the use of VisualARQ Grasshopper components to build a parametric house completely in Grasshopper.

    They have used Rhino for the project site plan and the basic curves for the house contour and element paths.

    In the Grasshopper definition they can play with dimensions, heights and position of different VisualARQ objects such as walls, openings, slabs, stairs, etc, until they find the most convenient result.

    KaAdLab is a young enthusiastic architectural company leaded by Jana Kasper and Alex Adam, located in the region of Saar-Lor-Lux-Rheinland-Pfalz-Wallonien.

    You can see more videos by KaAdLab on their YouTube channel.