• VisualARQ 2.0 Beta available!

    VisualARQ 2.0 Beta released Blog

    The VisualARQ 2.0 Beta version is now available for download.
    VisualARQ owners can download and test this new Beta version, which brings most of the new features expected in the final release:

    • Grassshopper styles: option to create VisualARQ object styles from Grasshopper definitions.
    • 2D Vector Drawings: print the 3D model for a real time 2D vector output.
    • Custom Parameters: create new parameters and add information to Rhino and VisualARQ objects for quantity takeoffs.
    • New Furniture, Element and Annotation objects: with a different plan view and 3D view representation.
    • Section Manager: to create sections and align viewports to sections.
    • Boolean operation commands: new commands to do Boolean unions and differences between Rhino solids and any VisualARQ object, keeping their parametric properties.

    See an overview of the VisualARQ 2.0 new features here.

    The price of VisualARQ 2.0 licenses will raise when the final release is published. The upgrade to VisualARQ 2.0 will be free for VisualARQ 1 current users and for users who buy VisualARQ 1 before the 2.0 release.

  • VisualARQ at the Share Bucharest 2017

    INGLASS Bucharest

    International architecture and engineering Forum

    March 21-22 2017
    JW Marriott Grand hotel - Bucharest.

    Romsym data will be exhibiting VisualARQ 2.0 and Lands Design at the booth A3 during the Share Bucharest event that will take place next 21 and 22 March at the JW Marriott Grand hotel in Bucharest.

    The event will bring together differents practicing architects and contractors in Europe, Asia and the United States of America, and will promote projects, achievements and recent best practice examples in architecture and construction industry.

    The event is organized for architects and contractors, in cooperation with the national chambers of architects, architecture and construction institutions and associations.

    Registration details...

  • VisualARQ user project: Innovation Center in Houston

    Perpective View of the project. Anthony O.

    Perpective View of the project. Anthony O.

    We present the work of Anthony O. from the University of Houston, who has shared his personal experience in the use of VisualARQ for this project: The Innovation Center in Houston.

    "The fact that VisualARQ uses BIM models that can be edited saved me huge amounts of time from having to model things such as doors, windows, columns etc. VisualARQ was also used for the first studies of building elevations and led to be helpful with the automatic creation of the elevations from the BIM models plugged into the project."

    "VisualARQ was useful for me when it came to accurately documenting a project that had been designed in hand sketches and physical study models. The simple yet very functional layout of VisualARQ allowed me to produce these documents quickly and efficiently."

    Plan View created with VisualARQ. Anthony O.

    Plan View. Anthony O.

    Read the full article and see the project pictures in the VisualARQ project's gallery.

    Images provided by Anthony O.
    University of Houston

  • VisualARQ at the BIM World 2017 in Paris

    BIM World 2017

    Espace Grande Arche
    Paris La Défense
    Rhinoforyou stand (219 A)
    March 29-30, 2017
    9:00am - 6:00pm

    Rhinoforyou will be exhibiting at BIM World 2017 in Paris, from March 29 to March 30 (stand 219 A).

    Rhinoforyou will be presenting the BIM software solution RhinoArchitecture, an innovative and economically affordable solution that integrates consistently Rhinoceros, Grasshopper and VisualARQ. Winner of the PTNB 2016 (category "Building envelope"), RhinoArchitecture is the first solution to see the convergence of design and parametric design with BIM.

    Rhinoforyou will also be presenting its Geometry Gym connectors (direct or via IFC) for CAD software (Revit, Tekla, Rhino...) and for calculation software.

    Experts Francesc Salla, VisualARQ product manager, and Jon Mirtschin from Geometry Gym Ltd. will also be present at the stand.

    If you want to get a free registration and save 50 €, send an email to jacques.hababou@rhinoforyou.com

    Details and registration...

  • The Farnsworth House created with VisualARQ Grasshopper Components

    This video shows a parametric approach to create part of the structure of the famous Farnsworth House of Mies van der Rohe using VisualARQ Grasshopper Components.

    The process starts by subdividing the area to cover into different panels, which are used to generate a new profile for the beams. Later on, this new profile is used to generate a new beam style in Grasshopper. Then the VisualARQ beams are created using this new style and taking the edges of the subdivided surface as the path curves.

    Finally, when the beam components are baked, they become workable VisualARQ beam elements in the existing Rhino model.

    This video has been created by Michele Calvano, architect, co-founder of ArFacade (http://www.arfacade.com/), and researcher in the Faculty of Architecture of the Sapienza University of Rome (http://www.drawing4design.com/).

  • VisualARQ 1.9.6 available

    VisualARQ speaks korean

    VisualARQ 1.9.6 is now available for download. Owners of VisualARQ are encouraged to download and install VisualARQ 1.9.6. This is a free service release for all VisualARQ users.

    Download it!

    1. If you are a VisualARQ user, download VisualARQ 1.9.6
    2. If you are an Evaluation user, download the new Evaluation version to test the new features.

    What's new

    This new service release fixes all known bugs and adds two main features:

    • Korean translation for user interface and templates.
    • Display attributes (layer, color, line type, etc) support in IFC import and export.

    See the complete list in What's new.

  • VisualARQ and Lands Design at the Forum ITIAPE 2017, Lille.

    Forum Itiape 2017

    Forum ITIAPE 2017
    January 20th 2017, 8.30h to 16.30h.
    ISA Lille

    The forum ITIAPE returns to ISA Lille on January 20th 2017, from  8.30 am to 4.30 pm.

    Organized by the promotion 23 (landscape engineer students), the event will focus on innovative studies related to the landscape sector such as urban agriculture, sensitive environments, management, soil remediation, interior design, plants and maintenance.

    It is also an opportunity to discover the students research work, participate in various activities with professional speakers, meet landscape architects and also expand your network thanks to the invited exhibitor suppliers.

    Francesc Salla, VisualARQ and Lands Design product manager will be present to show the new Lands Design Beta version and the coming VisualARQ 2.0 version.

    Get to know the full program here.

    Registration is required. Click here to register.


  • VisualARQ at MIAU X, course of infographics for architecture at ETSAM, Madrid

    MIAU X

    MIAU X (Infographics for Architecture at Polytechnic University of Madrid) is the new edition of the specialization course in infographics and multimedia project design at ETSAM, Technical School of Architecture in Madrid. In this edition we keep the same line-up of academic subjects and we release 24 Research Lines to focus students production on cutting-edge topics at the intersection of technology and design.

    MIAU is an official Instrumental Specialization Course for ideation and creative experimentation in architecture from its generation to its representation: Project Generation + Computer Graphics + New Technologies + Production Lab.

    Rhino, Grasshopper and VisualARQ will be used during the course progress.

    More information and inscription details... (in Spanish)

  • Free upgrade to the upcoming VisualARQ 2.0!

    VisualARQ 2.0VisualARQ 2.0 release is coming soon. Here you will find some useful information about this new version.

    Free upgrade to VisualARQ 2.0

    The upgrade to VisualARQ 2.0 will be free for VisualARQ 1 current users and for users who will buy VisualARQ 1 before the 2.0 release.

    Price will rise

    The price for VisualARQ 2.0 commercial license will rise. The new price will be announced in the next weeks.

    Release date

    There is no exact date yet, but the final release is expected in a few months.

    What's new in VisualARQ 2.0?

    The list below shows some of the VisualARQ 2.0 new features.

    2.0 new features

    • Grasshopper Styles: create new VisualARQ object styles from Grasshopper definitions. Video
    • 2D Vector Drawings: Just print the 3D model in Perspective, Section and Plan views for a real time 2D vector output.
    • Custom Parameters: Create new parameters and add information to Rhino and VisualARQ objects so you can generate quantity takeoffs.
    • Section Manager: Manage the sections in your model as you manage levels with the Level Manager.
    • Add + Subtract solids: Do Boolean unions and differences between Rhino solids and any VisualARQ object without losing their parametric properties. Video.

    In this page you will find more information about this new version and the list of new features.

    Watch the recorded webinar VisualARQ 2.0. Flexible BIM for Rhino, to see some of these new features.

  • VisualARQ presentation at the Grasshopper UK user meeting

    The new Mexico City Airport by Foster and Partners

    The new Mexico City Airport by Foster and Partners

    Grasshopper UK User Group Meeting

    • Date: Wednesday 23rd November 2016
    • Time: 18:30 - 20:30
    • Location: Foster & Partners, Riverside, 22 Hester Road, London, SW11 4AN (Directions)

    Foster & Partners will host this Grasshopper UK meeting next Wednesday 23th November 2016. The Applied Research + Development group at Foster + Partners will showcase how Grasshopper and computational methods have been used in the development of The new Mexico City Airport project.

    Besides other presentations, Francesc Salla, from Asuni, will show the different Grasshopper tools for VisualARQ, including VisualARQ Grasshopper Components and how to generate VisualARQ objects from Grasshopper definitions, a new feature of the upcoming VisualARQ 2.0 version.


    How to join the meeting:

    The Grasshopper UK User Group Meeting is free to attend but you MUST register via this form.

    Email confirmation will follow by 16th November, as space is limited.