Fast and easy architectural rendering with Flamingo nXt

A new video has been posted at VisualARQ's video gallery.

This video shows how to assign Flamingo nXt materials to a 3D architectural model created with VisualARQ  (Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House) and how to enter the settings to create a nice quick render view.

The video shows how to assign materials to objects by layer, by object and by VisualARQ Object styles. It is shown for Flamingo nXt materials, but it can also be applied for other render plug-in materials.

You can watch this and other VisualARQ videos here.

Rendered videos of the Ville Savoye with Hayabusa and Flamingo nXt

Videos of the Ville Savoye project, modeled by Francesc Salla with Rhino and VisualARQ, rendered and animated by Atsuo Nakajima from Applicraft using Hayabusa for Rhino.fdsfd

[youtube-video id="_eamgiYu38s" width="251" height="140" autohide="1"] [youtube-video id="hiO5N46LALc" width="262" height="145" autohide="1"]
[youtube-video id="hGuawumPwF4" width="248" height="139" autohide="1"] [youtube-video id="ZzhVrApWu-8" width="259" height="142" autohide="1"]

Furthermore, you will find some related images of the same project rendered with Flamingo nXt also by Atuso.