Le Corbusier. An atlas of modern landscapes

When an architect wants to know what solutions to his/her design and creation problems VisualARQ can offer, our series of videos of Ville Savoye can be a good introduction. Obviously, the software potential is much broader but still, we manage to present a project in different chapters that allows an approach to our technology.

VisualARQ render and plans of Ville Savoye

VisualARQ render and plans of Ville Savoye

When choosing a landmark building, we had hundreds to choose from and we selected Le Corbusier “Ville Savoye”. We were attracted by the building but also by the author, the man who went beyond the construction plans and created internal and external landscapes acting out of freedom and lack of conventions. A man breaking new ground matches well with a technology that also breaks with the traditional way of creating architecture.

With this background, it is inevitable to pay attention to the Le Corbusier. An atlas of modern landscapes exhibition, organized by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York in collaboration with Le Corbusier Foundation in Paris. In New York, it attracted more than 400,000 people, including visitors outside the architectural world, since Le Corbusier work and approaches raise interest beyond technique. The following exhibition stops in 2014 will be Barcelona (January-May) and Madrid (June-October).


Rhino and VisualARQ step-by-step video tutorial

The Rhino and VisualARQ video tutorial for architectural modeling is available on the VisualARQ website.

This video tutorial guide covers the full process of creating a 3D architecture project, from an empty document to the drawing production. The model selected for this tutorial is Le Corbusier’s masterpiece “The Ville Savoye”.

This tutorial is a step-by-step guide that shows the architecture modeling workflow with VisualARQ and Rhino. It can also be checked randomly to learn the different VisualARQ commands and features.

Check the VisualARQ and Rhino tutorial here...