Visit the Galaxy of architectural software: VisualARQ and Lumion

We at VisualARQ believe in collective intelligence. What matters is that together we add more potential to get where we want to. Everybody helps.

Lumion adds light effects to the visualizations of VisualARQ architectural software

Lumion adds light effects to the visualizations of VisualARQ architectural software. Image: ©

We all develop this phenomenon together every day, through the Internet network itself, for example. Our professional network revolves around two main axes: architectural software and Rhino. However, besides us many other planets also orbit these large suns. We are all developing software for several uses. Together, our galaxy expands: Grasshopper, BIM, Parametrics, IFC, Landscape, Geolocation, Model animation...

At VisualARQ we look at our own software through a microscope. However, to see what is moving around us - sometimes at the speed of light - we take a spotting scope, a periscope, a telescope or whatever it takes. Light? Let's talk about it.

We love to hear how satisfied you are with the models you create with VisualARQ but, let us not fool ourselves, the textures that our software allows you to apply would look terrific with some extra magic light. The magic provided by rays, metallic or iridescent reflections and subtle twinkles.

So, we invite you to embark on this interstellar journey with destination Lumion.

With it, your VisualARQ model will not only come alive, it will literally come out of your screen! You will be able to create high quality videos that will leave their mark on your customers. At this point, you must have realized that developing a good architectural project, both technically and aesthetically, is not enough. You must be able to show it as the great star that it is meant to be. Because a good product stands out even more with the right presentation. Furthermore, it is BIM integrated.

Other users have already landed on Lumion and managed to create something new or to give new life to classical architecture.

Lumion is suitable for your artistic creations

Lumion is suitable for your artistic creations. Imagen: Lumion 3D ( Design Seve)

Lumion is ideal for your architectural creations

Lumion is ideal for your architectural creations. Image: Hsi-Tan, Huang

In addition to this software excellent technical features, we particularly like a feature that we proudly share: its ease of use and short learning curve. You can check it out yourself through its tutorials.

How is the process of working with VisualARQ and Lumion, actually? The answer is simple. When the model is ready in Rhino and VisualARQ, just save it as in a file format that Lumion can read (.dwg, .3ds, .collada…). 3ds file format works pretty well, for example. Then import the model into Lumion and start applying materials, lights and animated objects.

The Casa das canoas project created with VisualARQ, and being edited in Lumion

The Casa das canoas project created with VisualARQ, and being edited in Lumion

A well-conceived software can be learned in a reasonable time and, furthermore, it can facilitate the learning of the programs you will be discovering later on.

That is why it is important to share the same galaxy. VisualARQ and Lumion welcome new travellers to an ever-expanding universe.

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(Article by M.A. Núñez)