Grasshopper UK meeting and Shape to Fabrication 2014

GH UK meeting 2014

Grasshopper UK user meeting

Bartlett school of architecture, London (UK)
8th April 2014

Just the day before the Shape to Fabrication 2014 "The game changers", a Grasshopper UK user meeting will take place at the Bartlett school of architecture. From 1pm to 7pm there will be presentations from Grasshopper plugin developers and power users.
Francesc Salla (AsuniCAD) will be present to show the new WIP3 version of the VisualARQ Grasshopper Components plug-in to anyone interested.

shape to fabrication 2014

Shape to Fabrication 2014, "The game changers"

Stratford Circus, London (UK)
9th and 10th April 2014

The Shape To Fabrication conference has a focus on cutting-edge technology, innovative construction and applications in architecture, engineering and design. This year's speakers are shaping the future, unafraid to push technology and engineering to new heights.

Presenters / Projects include:

Marc Fornes - Marc will be presenting on Visualisation in parametric design and moderating our Visionary Design Concepts panel; Cobus Bothma from KPF will present the Abu Dhabi International Airport; Neil Hubbard from Heatherwick Studios will present Zeitz MOCAA; Bruce Davison from Amanda Levete Architects will present Participative Simulation.

The international panel of presenters, also includes: Zaha Hadid Architects; Populous; Speedo International; Asif Khan Studios + iart + AKTII.

Francesc Salla (Asuni CAD) will be also present to show the incoming VisualARQ 1.8 version to anyone interested.

Full schedule including information on all speakers is available at

VisualARQ presentation- Simply Rhino, London.

Conference about VisualARQ, the Rhino plug-in for architecture

Where: Rhino training center, Simply Rhino office, London.
When: Thursday, 14th April. 16.00h-17.00h
Speaker: Francesc Salla, VisualARQ Product Manager


The presentation will show VisualARQ’s main tools, including the enhancements in the new version 1.3.

  • How to create and edit architectural parametric objects.
  • How to run operations with freeform walls, beams and other architectural elements based on NURBS.
  • How to get the documents of an architectural project (sections, elevations, plans, schedule tables, surfaces, etc) from the 3D model.
  • How to assign attributes and materials to each object component for future 2D representation and render creation.

The presentation is free of charge, but space is limited. To register, please send an e-mail to

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