Rhino, Grasshopper and Python manuals in Spanish

Grasshopper for beginners and intermediate users de archiologics 500 - adolfo Nadal
Adolfo Nadal, Founder and Principal of archi[o]logics, is a professional with a manifold career in architecture, education, design, and computational geometry.

Adolfo has been kind enough to share his manuals on Computational Design (in Spanish) on issuu.

The Rhino, Grasshopper and Python manuals are aimed to begginer and intermediate users:

Source: Rhino blog.

Grasshopper video tutorials by David Rutten

Learn Grasshopper through these video series with the creator of Grasshopper, David Rutten.

Getting Started with Grasshopper:
This 13-video series shows the fundamentals of Grasshopper: the interface, the canvas and the basic knowledge to create your first definitions.
GH Tutorials 1


Data Trees Masterclass:
This 6-video series shows one of the key concepts of Grasshopper, data trees. This series describes what data trees are and shows some typical ways to manipulate and use the data tree structures within your definitions.
GH Tutorials 2

Rhino and VisualARQ step-by-step video tutorial

The Rhino and VisualARQ video tutorial for architectural modeling is available on the VisualARQ website.

This video tutorial guide covers the full process of creating a 3D architecture project, from an empty document to the drawing production. The model selected for this tutorial is Le Corbusier’s masterpiece “The Ville Savoye”.

This tutorial is a step-by-step guide that shows the architecture modeling workflow with VisualARQ and Rhino. It can also be checked randomly to learn the different VisualARQ commands and features.

Check the VisualARQ and Rhino tutorial here...

New tutorial videos of VisualARQ

New videos of VisualARQ commands have been added to the Video gallery.

You can watch all them in the VisualARQ’s YouTube channel.

VisualARQ Level Manager Create a section with VisualARQ
Create and edit a space surface with VisualARQ Change wall path and modify a curved wall with VisualARQ
How to create and edit a doors with VisualARQ How to create and edit windows with VisualARQ

And watch also:

  • How to create and edit Columns with VisualARQ (video)